ryan = new DataEngineeringBlogger()

I wonder if I should’ve used a factory method instead :-/

This is my first posting on my new life out West.  For the last 6 years, I have been living in Boston working as a Network Scientist / Software Engineer / BBNer at Raytheon BBN Technologies (BBN) doing cutting edge research for DARPA or studying in Blacksburg, VA finishing up my PhD at Virginia Tech.  The opportunity: Insight Data Engineering and join the world’s leading tech innovators in the San Francisco Bay area.  A side bonus is the escape from next winter’s series of polar vortices (yes, plurality is necessary if you’ve live in Boston for the half of the year known as winter).

The opportunity to learn from the leaders of data engineering was too great pass up, and I’ll have several weeks to develop my own “big data” project under my own direction with whatever technologies I want to demonstrate that I can write some solid, maintainable, and usable code.  Awesome indeed.  Leaving BBN and Boston was a tough decision, but this is going to be a fun experience.

More to come as I’ll try to blog my experience and the technologies I encounter…

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